AT&T Flagship Stores Pride Campaign 2022-2023

Motion Graphics / Interactive Design / Environmental Design

We worked with queer multimedia artist Zipeng Zhou who designed the illustrations, which  I then imported to AE and animated. The final result was formatted for various resolutions and applications including bespoke animations for unique aspect ratios like the giant outdoor LED screen in downton Dallas called  “The Media Wall”.

Looping animations were then used to build a grid based system where these assets could live and breathe.

These animations were synced across multiple displays, including 360 LED columns, and worked in unison to tell a story through bold visual language.

I contributed to motion design, pipeline development, and screen conforming as well as collaborated with environmental designers to implement animations into custom sculptures and fixtures across 3 flagship stores in Chicago, San Francisco, and Dallas.

Here is an example of the animation

A look at the in-store installs.