Branding + Logo Design - 2020 - current

Jennifer Zavala approached me to develop the branding for her taco-centric Philadelphia based POP-UP and developing food cart project surounding tacos and tamales. I worked with Jenn to develop a logo that was generated from her provided reference imagery. She wanted to intertwine her neon-punk vibe with her Mexican heritage. The result is a fusion of classical Mexican imagery with inspiration from Mexican music event posters.

I’ve also designed a series of event posters for Jenn’s ongoing Birria pop-ups and events. 

In October 2021 Juana Tamale is opening a brick and mortar location. During the resturant buildout I’ve developed the brand identity further and designed a brand identity guide, brand collateral, store-front signage, neon signage, and merch.

Brand Identity Guideline

Early identity concepts designed when the operation was still a pop up.

Logos and Wordmarks

Menus & Event Posters