Graphic Design + 2D Animation + Motion Graphics + Compositing - 2020

I designed and executed animations used in several scenes for the music video for “DORA” by Tierra Whack. 
Directed by conceptual artist Alex Da Corte.
Produced by Scott Ross.

Below I break down the scenes. 

Check out the full video here.

Shadow Puppet Scene:

For this scene I animated a group of lip synced shadow puppets to Tierra’s lyrics.

Here are the animated frames.

I hand drew each of the frames in Procreate and used time remapping (shown below) in AE to match the phoenetic positions to the audio.

But it wasn’t that simple. In order to give the shadow animations realistic movement I filmed some reference videos of the shadow puppets using a projector IRL. These videos came in handy as reference for the 3D artist who would later be overlaying animations of Tierra’s hands.

Here’s what the final composited shot with 3D animation overlay looks like.

Garfield Scene:

For this scene I animated and composited the mouths of inanimate Garfield cats. I also animated the green money characters.

First I designed enough phoenetic mouth positions to articulate the lyrics. Next, I mapped out corresponding frames to mouth positions.

Here’s a look at the composited frames, which actually live inside of a wooden pumpkin.

View the animated frames here

Hand drawn frames for dollar sign character animations.

Here are the slowed down animated frames.

Owl Scene:

For this scene I designed the text in Procreate. I then completed the text animation in both Procreate & After Effects. Using a combination of hand drawn frames and smooth keyframing in AE I was able to achieve the desired feel and match the timing of the lyrics.

I also animated the owl’s beak with photo manipulation in Photoshop on the frames where it was visible.

View the animated frames here